Friday, 15 August 2014

Training at Block-Rocks

don't le'go
Like all Mountain Rescue Teams the Lego Mountain Rescue Team have to learn and practice some vital skills. This week the team have been practicing their Single-'figure' rescues. Some teams vary in style and types of equipment used due to the differences in the environments they work in but all maintain the same high levels of skill and safety.

The standard set up for the team using two ropes lowered over the edge, each with two belay points brought together in 'the big knot'. This allows the casualty to be cut from their system if required and both the rescuer and the casualty to be lowered to safety.

a little lower
In today's scenario the team have been called to a fallen climber at Block Rocks near Blocklock. The climber had sustained injuries making him unable to climb any further but also unable to descend, fortunately the team were called, set up their rescue systems and rescued the casualty.

its a long way down
the full setup - showing the four anchor points and "big knot"
the view from the top

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