Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Support Mountain Rescue

Lego man standing on a rock with a support mountain rescue sign
"Support Mountain Rescue"
There are Forty-Eight Teams across Nine regions within Mountain Rescue England and Wales, they're all made up entirely of volunteers. 

You can support Derby Mountain Rescue Team by: 
You can support Mountain Rescue England and Wales by: 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Casualty Care - DEF

This week the team continued their Casualty Care training, following on from last week's DR's ABC... they looked at DEF, unfortunately not all of the team were paying attention.

Three Lego figures, One laying down, One Worried and one holding the first's head and hand
Karen wasn't convinced Danny had got the right idea

D - check for Disability resulting from the injuries

E - check and protect against Exposure

F - examine for Fractures

Disclaimer: this is just for fun and is not an educational tool.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Casualty Care - DR's ABC

This week the team had their first Casualty Care training, they started off with the basics of DR's ABC

Two Lego Mountain Rescue figures practising Casualty Care on a third figure
Gary being head man, Pete as First Aider and Tony as the Casualty
"We learnt lots of information about CPR. The main thing I need to remember is DR's ABC.

D - check for Danger

R - check for Response

s - Shout for help (dial 999 or 112 in the United Kingdom)

A - is the Airway open and maintainable

B - are they Breathing?

C - how is their Circulation?

I feel much more confident now I have a structured approach to helping somebody in trouble." - Tony (DLMRT)

Disclaimer: this is for fun and is not an educational tool.

Introducing the Derby Lego Mountain Rescue Team

As part of the celebrations for Derby Mountain Rescue Team's 50th Year I've created a small blog about the spin-off Derby Lego Mountain Rescue Team.

Here is a photo of the team in their first Stretcher training exercise.
Eight Lego Mountain Rescue figures carrying a lego casualty on a stretcher.
Lego Mountain Rescue Team: Stretcher Carry