Thursday, 17 April 2014

Search Dog Finn

Today (17th April 2014) is the Sixty-Third birthday of the Peak district - "Happy Birthday!"
With 1,437 km² of Peak District National Park there's a lot of it to search if someone goes missing or gets lost. Such large expanses often mean a lot of person-power out on the hill searching.
Search Dog Finn finds an exercise casualty
For humans to effectively search an area, they need to be lined up so that everybody can see the person (and the ground) on either side.
There is however a faster, more effective way - Search Dogs. The Search And Rescue Dog Association (SARDA) are often called out to support search teams. As a rough statistic, one search dog (and handler) can cover about the same area as ten mountain rescue team members.

The search dogs "air-scent", meaning they track the scent/smell of humans drifting on the air. For this reason, they work down wind and other teams keep well out of their way so as not to distract them.The search dog team often consists of the dog, the handler and a navigator (allowing the handler to work the dog). It takes a lot of time and effort, and the right dog, to train a Search Dog and they are a valued and well respected resource.

If you're interested and want to find out more contact SARDA:
SARDA are always looking for willing volunteers to be "dogs bodies":
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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Swift Water Training

You might be aware of Mountain Rescue's advanced rope work, first aid and search capabilities but did you know that a lot of Mountain Rescue Teams also have a water section? Well they do!

This week our Lego friends have been practicing their water rescue skills as part of the PDMRO's Swift Water initiative. The human teams from PDMRO headed out for a training evening at the famous victorian holiday location of "Matlock Bath", practising rescue techniques at the Matlock Slalom on the River Derwent. The lego team got some practice in ahead of time at the lesser known location of "David's Bath", they too practised rescue techniques.

Pete wondered why it was always his turn to be rescued

Across the UK and across all agencies (MR, Fire, Police, etc.) there is now a standardised training syllabus and skill set. This enables all emergency services to work together with a common understanding, improving safety and efficiency. The techniques have evolved over the last twenty or so years, with major breakthroughs for personal protection equipment, floating ropes and water theory. These skills allow MR teams to work more safely at water margins and in flood areas, something the UK has seen a lot of in 2013 and 2014.

The team practising flood evacuations
Getting ready with the Humans

It takes a lot of time and effort to train in these techniques, but there is also a certain amount of safety gear required. Sadly in the news this week a sister team "Severn Area Rescue Association" (SARA) had some of their vehicles vandalised and equipment, including a boat, stolen.

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"Mountain rescue - so much more than mountains"

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Weekend Special: The 4 Inns

The 4 Inns is a race/walk (~40 miles) between Holmbridge and Buxton predominantly for Scout groups but also open to the public.

The Lego Mountain Rescue Team joined around one-hundred other teams and followed team 48 'DMRT Venus' around the course for the day and managed to capture some of the events along the way...

With a starting time of 0646 there was a last minute review of the route and then time to get some down time and rest.

Last minute planning the night before 'the off'

Time to get some shut-eye
An early start stocking up on energy for the long day ahead and then checking through the kit.

A good breakfast and a cuppa to start the day.
Lining up for the kit check
An hour in and making good headway to the first check point and then onwards to Black Hill and Crowden.
Crossing the stile in style at Skye
Having a rest at Soldier's Lump on Black Hill
Posing by the results board in Crowden
 Up onto the very wet Bleaklow...

It got very wet on Bleaklow
Making friends with Group 56 "Georgina's crew" on Bleaklow
Checking out the wreckage on Bleaklow
Checking in in at Snake, Edale and Chapel
A quick re-fuelling at Snake

Playing with Derby MRT at Edale checkpoint

'Cheking the Map' at Chapel-en-le-Frith

Almost home Chapel - Whitehall - the Cat and Fiddle

A quick stop at Whitehall

There's always time for a game of pool - at the Cat & Fiddle

17 hours and 31 minutes later and the team arrived in Buxton, thanks to all the other teams, supporters, organisers, marshals, mountain rescue teams, first aid teams, the checkpoint staff and all those wishing us well.

A well earned cup of tea
Time to replenished the lost sugar!
Thanks for reading!

For more information about the 4 inns check out the official website

A special thank you to Sophie Tunnicliff, Vicky Green, Helen Jefferies and Kaysia Gale for letting the Lego Team join them for the day.

Thursday, 3 April 2014


The Lego Mountain Rescue Team story is starting to 'piece' itself together - They've just received their first call out! Fortunately its only a few 'blocks' away so they'll be there in no time at all. 

There are seven teams that make up the Peak District Mountain Rescue Organisation (eight including the Lego Team). Just like the Lego Team, all the Human Teams are made up of volunteers and are on call twenty-four hours a day three-hundred and sixty-five days a year.
Like all mountain rescue teams, they respond to requests from the Police. If you need to call Mountain Rescue in an emergency in the UK (the real ones, not the lego ones) Dial 999, ask for 'Police' and then 'Mountain Rescue'.

The team get their first call out
Do you want to see the Lego Mountain Rescue Team in action? 

This Saturday 5th April 2014, the lego team will be out and about at the Four Inns race walk following one of the race teams from DerbyMRT and later they'll be on duty with DerbyMRT making sure everyone gets home safely.

If you spot them post a picture on Facebook (Tagging Derby Mountain Rescue Team) or Tweet us a picture '@DerbyMRT #Spotted #LegoMRT'

We'll chose the best photo and send that person a RAB Beanie!

As always, you can show your support by following us on Twitter @DerbyMRT; or Facebook