Thursday, 10 April 2014

Swift Water Training

You might be aware of Mountain Rescue's advanced rope work, first aid and search capabilities but did you know that a lot of Mountain Rescue Teams also have a water section? Well they do!

This week our Lego friends have been practicing their water rescue skills as part of the PDMRO's Swift Water initiative. The human teams from PDMRO headed out for a training evening at the famous victorian holiday location of "Matlock Bath", practising rescue techniques at the Matlock Slalom on the River Derwent. The lego team got some practice in ahead of time at the lesser known location of "David's Bath", they too practised rescue techniques.

Pete wondered why it was always his turn to be rescued

Across the UK and across all agencies (MR, Fire, Police, etc.) there is now a standardised training syllabus and skill set. This enables all emergency services to work together with a common understanding, improving safety and efficiency. The techniques have evolved over the last twenty or so years, with major breakthroughs for personal protection equipment, floating ropes and water theory. These skills allow MR teams to work more safely at water margins and in flood areas, something the UK has seen a lot of in 2013 and 2014.

The team practising flood evacuations
Getting ready with the Humans

It takes a lot of time and effort to train in these techniques, but there is also a certain amount of safety gear required. Sadly in the news this week a sister team "Severn Area Rescue Association" (SARA) had some of their vehicles vandalised and equipment, including a boat, stolen.

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