Thursday, 13 March 2014

Casualty Care - DR's ABC

This week the team had their first Casualty Care training, they started off with the basics of DR's ABC

Two Lego Mountain Rescue figures practising Casualty Care on a third figure
Gary being head man, Pete as First Aider and Tony as the Casualty
"We learnt lots of information about CPR. The main thing I need to remember is DR's ABC.

D - check for Danger

R - check for Response

s - Shout for help (dial 999 or 112 in the United Kingdom)

A - is the Airway open and maintainable

B - are they Breathing?

C - how is their Circulation?

I feel much more confident now I have a structured approach to helping somebody in trouble." - Tony (DLMRT)

Disclaimer: this is for fun and is not an educational tool.

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